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We have multiple pricing options which can be tailored to best suit your business. Note that in any of these options, we DO NOT charge you separately for lodging BASs, as is the way with many bookkeepers and accountants. As a registered BAS Agent, the lodgement of BASs simply falls under the fee structure you have in place, as this is part of our general service. We are bookkeeping Melbourne businesses to help them, not to rip them off with unnecessary and unjustified fees.


  • Hourly Fee:

    You can choose to be charged at our set hourly rate. This rate varies depending on whether we need to work onsite or offsite, with offsite being the cheaper rate. This is because offsite is a much more efficient use of our time and resources, as well as allowing our entire team to help each other with the work, rather than just the person/s at your site. If you are unsure whether offsite is an option for you, please contact us and we can help assess your situation.
  • Set Monthly Fee:

    This option allows you to know exactly what your costs are, helping with your budgeting and cashflow. The fee is based on our understanding of what is involved in your business and the likely average time involved each month. This usually becomes available as an option after three to six months of work, when we have a full knowledge of your business and it’s needs.
  • Equity option:

    For some small and new businesses, cashflow is tight. In the right circumstances, Equity Bookkeeping Services will consider taking an equity stake in your business rather than excepting a bookkeeping fee. Once on board as a partner, the bookkeeping is free of charge up to a reasonable level of work. Once your business grows along with your bookkeeping requirements, regular fees in either of the first two options will again be charged.

To discuss any of the pricing options, please contact us so we can help tailor the right option for you.


We are confident in our ability to produce quick, efficient, accurate work, that if your BAS is not lodged on time, we will pay 100% of that BAS owing to the ATO. That’s right – not just the late lodgement penalty, not just the interest, but 100% of your BAS liability.

This is subject to all relevant information being supplied to us no later than two weeks before lodgement due date, and all queries we may have are answered thoroughly and in a reasonable time.